Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Valentine's Party

We ate lots of goodies and had lots of fun at my school Valentine's Day party! Mommy even got to come!
Look at all my friends!

This is me and my BFF, Kara.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is for some of you who haven't seen this yet. These are the pictures I sent Gram and Grandpa and Nana and Poppie and all my aunts on Valentine's Day. I had a special message for them. Some of them took a long time to read my message!
I wanted to share my big news with the rest of you!

Yep, you got it! I'm going to be a BIG sister! I'm super excited!! My baby brother or sister is scheduled to arrive around October 8. Until then, I'll be practicing helping Mommy and Daddy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Curly Sue

This post is for Grandpa. He loves my curls! Today must have been really humid, because I had lots of them. Mommy tried to capture them as well as she could. It's kind of hard when I think it's all a game of chase!!

Crazy Weather

You just never know what we're going to get around here when it comes to the weather. These pictures were taken only a few days apart.
This one was before school on Tuesday. We didn't even have to go to school on Wednesday because it was so icy!

This was on Saturday. It was so beautiful I took my desk outside to paint in the sunshine!

Dress Up

I really like to pretend. My monkey plays the piano, I have conversations with Bella or Wolfie, and I drive my car to the "store" and even stop to get gas. On this day, I was pretending to be Daddy and then Mommy.