Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Dedication Weekend

We had my baby dedication at church this weekend. It's where Mommy and Daddy take me in front of the whole church and promise to raise me in a Godly home and to pray for me and help me to become the woman that God wants me to be. Mommy told me they already did that even before I was born, just not in front of everyone.
A whole lot of people came in for the event. Nana, Poppy, Aunt Andi, and Aunt Cheri came and stayed with us. Gram came up and spent Saturday and Sunday with us. Grandma, Grandmother, and Double A came to church with us. Thatcher was sick, but Uncle Mike brought him to meet us for lunch. We all had such a good time!

Mommy will have even more pictures of the day later, but she didn't have her camera for some of it. Double A, we're waiting on some from you!!!

I was pooped after a busy Saturday! We didn't take many pictures because we were all too busy playing. Nana rocked me to sleep.

The three of us in front of the church. Brother Gary is holding me.

Me and Daddy

I think Daddy is trying to say something. I just want to eat the flower!

Aunt Cheri has me and Poppy has been making funny faces at me.

Look at our group!

A little more playing before they leave!
A new game with Poppy
I'm a roly poly!

More Playing

I just love to play these days. Here are a few pictures of me playing with my toys and rolling around on the floor. I recently learned how to say some consonants. I can say bababa and dadada.

Here I am posing with Mommy. She loves to play on the floor with me!

I grabbed my burp cloth.

A little tummy time on the couch. I really kick my feet. Maybe I'll be a swimmer or a soccer player!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun Times!!

This was a rough week for all of us around here. Maybe I had a little something to do with that. I have been crying a lot and requiring even more attention than normal. Mommy and Daddy have been missing out on a lot of sleep on my account. They have pretty much decided I am teething.
Anyway, I decided to play a little trick-a-roo on them. Wednesday night and Thursday were by far my worst moments. I guess I decided that it was no fun to be like that because "poof!" on Friday I was a new, fun girl! They keep telling me how much fun I am now, so I've been doing that all weekend. Mommy picked me up from daycare on Friday and we played, I took a nap like a good girl, then we went to the volleyball game where I hung out with one of Mommy's players, Keena. When we got home, we played some more. I like to sit on the floor in the middle of all my toys and just play. Sometimes I dive after one and end up on my tummy, so I just roll around on the floor. It's kind of fun! Once, I went log rolling into the hallway. I've been this fun girl all far!
Daddy took video of me rolling around and playing, but you can't really capture it in a still picture. Here are some of me sitting up and playing with one of my big toys.

Cool! It makes music and lights up!

This is fun!

Peek a boo!

Weekend in Seguin

We went to Seguin the Labor Day weekend because Mommy was getting inducted into her high school's Hall of Honor. Of course, we played a little bit while we were there!

This is Mommy and her best friend from high school, Tonia. They both were inducted together, so that was pretty neat. They played basketball for the Lady Matadors and had a lot of fun. This is with the plaques that will be hanging in the gym in Seguin forever. Both of them said they wished they could have played in this gym when they were there. Coach Nelson said they would have filled it up!

Mommy is receiving her honor from the Booster Club representatives. We were all there with her on the special day. You heard me mention Coach Nelson earlier. Well, she was Mommy's coach and a very special person in her life. That's who is standing with us here.

We went to Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry's to swim. It started raining, though, and we had to get out of the water. I just hung out on the patio with the family. Grandpa and I were playing around.

Just the and Chandler. We really like playing together. We hung out in a float together in the pool, but Mommy didn't have that picture. You can check out her blog to see it.

Just chillin' with Gram. We did this on Sunday. On Saturday, we hung out on the dock and watched boats go by while Daddy played golf. Mommy did get to ski, probably one last time for the year. We had a good time in Seguin.