Monday, July 30, 2007

Messy Mommy!

Daddy usually feeds me and the two of us have it down pretty good. Mommy had to feed me this morning and boy did she make a mess. Daddy is going to have to give her some pointers!

They bought me this new bib, but I get distracted by it. It's so pretty and I like to try to eat it.

It's really not a beard, but I have cereal ALL over me!

Visit from Thatch

Aunt Angela and Uncle Mike brought Thatcher by to play yesterday on their way home from his Granny and Granddad's. I'm so glad they stopped! Mostly, Thatcher beat me up, but I finally started fighting back!
I'm catching up with him in size, but he just likes to hit me and grab my face and try to eat me.

Now for the face off...
What do you want us to do??? Just stare at each other all day?
YAY! Down for the count. (Thatcher thinks he was set up!)

Cutie Pie

Mommy thought this outfit was so cute, so she wanted to take my picture and show it off. Daddy doesn't much like me showing off my belly!

Friday, July 27, 2007


I have been eye-balling Mommy and Daddy's food for a while now. It all looks so much better than mama milk every meal every day. I finally got to eat my own real food! After my 4 month doctor's appointment, Mommy and Daddy decided to give me some rice cereal. I love it!
At 4 months old, I am 25 1/4" long and weigh 13 lbs. 9 oz.

You can see Daddy is trying to hold my hands down. I'm just trying to help! He says they just get in the way, though.

I end up wearing a lot of the cereal. It's ok, though, because I like baths!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot Springs

We did all kinds of cool things on our vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We had a cabin on Lake Hamilton and went into town a few times. Mommy did the bath thing at the Arlington Hotel one morning while me and Daddy just hung out.
We spent a couple of hours at the Mid America Science Museum. It was neat to see how different things work. There was a light inside this ball that followed my hand!

We went on a big boat called the Belle. It was 3 stories tall and had food and everything. We sat on top for the first part, but then went to the second level where it was air conditioned. The captain gave us a tour of Lake Hamilton and even told us who own some of the very nice properties.

There was a nice swim area in the lake by our cabin. It was my first time swimming in the lake and it was fun! I really like the water!!!

We spent a whole day on a road trip to Petit Jean State Park. We did a little light hiking and had a picnic there. There was a waterfall and caves and mountains. It was pretty. These are called turtle rocks because they look like turtle shells.

Sometimes we just hung out at the cabin. This was our lazy time.

We stopped on the way in Texarkana. The state line goes right through the middle of town!

This is down town Hot Springs. Daddy actually heated my bottle up in one of these springs. That is how hot the water is!
More pictures from Petit Jean State Park.

Daddy is sharing his water with me after a little hike. Yummy!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nike Contract???

What do you think of my Nike outfit? Mommy says I am the cutest thing ever! We all think Nike should think about endorsing me. Hey, they have endorsed LeBron and now Kevin Durant before they ever proved themselves, why not a cutie like me???
One of Mommy's players, Bri and her mom Ms. Cammy gave me my way too cool Air Force Ones. Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry gave my my Nike onesies.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gram and Grandpa Visit

Gram and Grandpa came to visit me for the day before they left for Cozumel. They are sad we didn't go with them, but they have a week with Thatcher. Mommy and Daddy are taking me to Hot Springs on Friday. I can't wait for our first vacation together!!! Gram thought it was funny to pull my pants up like Grandpa wears his.

We had a good time together. They both love holding
me and playing with me. I like to stick my tongue out
at them (well anyone!).


I like to sit up by myself on the couch or in the chair. Mommy is always afraid I might spit up on the furniture, so she puts a blanket under me. ( I wonder why she would think that!) The blanket starts falling over me and all around me.

I got a new gym that Daddy rigged so I could get to all my toys at once. This is me practicing my rebounding skills. I know, I know, Mommy...go for the ball with both hands. I'll get it one of these days.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Week Of July 4

This wasn't a real eventful week. I did get to play in my Exersaucer for the first time. I love it! It has more toys than I know what to do with. My favorite is the Big Top one that spins and plays music and lights up.

I am finally able to wear my 3-6 month size clothes. It's like I have a whole new wardrobe! This is me in my really cute watermelon outfit. One of you probably gave it to me. Thank you!


Mommy and Angela took Thatcher and me to Seguin to visit Gram and Grandpa. We had a whole lot of fun swimming every day. We also got to go on a boat ride. Mommy and Angela got to ski again since me and Thatcher came out of their tummies. We are too young to learn. They said we have to wait 3-4 more years. It looks So fun, though!

Daddy got to join us at the end of our trip. It was fun to swim with him, too. Sometime while we were there, Grandpa caught a slimy fish. It was my first time to see one up close and in person, so what else does a 3 month old do??? Reach out and grab it!
I also got to spend a lot of time playing with my cousins, Cheney and Chandler. Right now, we're all buddies, but we all know that when we get a little bigger, it will be "GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL!"
(If you are wondering about the layout of the pictures, it is because Mommy doesn't know what she's doing yet. She's working on it!)

Ashtyn Tree

I made my first trip to Daddy's home town of Reeves, LA. It was a long drive, but worth it to see Nana, Poppie, and aunt Cher. Nana and Poppie planted a tree for me when I was born, and they call it the Ashtyn tree. Really, it's a peach tree. Mmmmm!!

I also went swimming for the very first time while we were there. It had rained a lot, so the water was a little cold, but once I got used to it, I liked it. Don't put my head under water, though!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm Here!!!

I'm Here!!!

Finally! My mommy decided to get with the times and make me a blog! I'm already 3 and a half months old and so much has already happened. I have been swimming several times, been on a couple of boat rides, been to the casino (not really, but I was in Daddy's hometown of Reeves, LA), and lots of other fun things. Now I get to share them with you!