Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dressed Up

Mommy and Daddy got dressed up to go to something at church tonight. We took a family picture.

Then I got to try on Daddy's tie!

Vroom Vroom

So, how do you like my new ride? I'm not a very goo driver yet, but I've only been practicing a little.
I'm trying to learn to walk behind this thing, but after several steps, I seem to end up on my knees! It's ok...I can walk on my knees!

I don't know how to turn yet, either. So, CRASH!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Cuz!

We went and hung out with Thatcher, AA, and Uncle Mike this weekend. It was so much fun.
Thatch had some new toys I hadn't played with yet!

He's so silly! Over and under his mommy's legs.
Hmmm...don't I look mischievious?
Thatcher has taken some steps all by himself. I thought I'd try out his toy that helped him walk. Whoa! It's not that easy!
And crash!
That wore me out! Uncle Mike let me sleep on him.
Back at it. I think you have that thing backward, Thatch!
Yay! So much fun!
Thanks for hanging out with us! I can't wait until we do it again!

Fun With Toys

Just a few pictures of me playing with my toys. I love them all!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Playing around

We were just playing around tonight and took some fun pictures. Daddy wanted to hear me laugh out loud, but I showed off my new tricks, too. While laughing, I kick my legs up and down off the floor so high it picks up my whole body except the top of my back and my head. Mommy and Daddy thought it was pretty funny!

Mommy wouldn't share her salad with me, so I'm sticking my head in the bowl to get something to eat. The song my table plays says there's alphabet soup in here!

I like playing in the laundry basket after I help fold clothes.

Whoa!!!!!! I'm falling!
Hmmmm...what did I get myself into? I can't get out, but I can move across the floor in here. Mommy said something about me being like a hermit crab.