Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trip to the ZOO

Gram and Grandpa came to visit and we all went to the zoo together. Aunt Ang, Uncle Mike, and Thatcher went too. It was so much fun!
Me and Thatch patiently waiting to go in
Hanging out with Gram. I think we're waiting on Grandpa. He was slow sometimes!!

Two happy grandparents and two happy grandbabies.

Aren't we cute with the pumpkins and elephant?

Loving on my Daddy

Grandpa and I were checking out the elephants

JAWS!!! I'm ready to go scuba diving!

Chillin' with my cuz...I think there are some monkeys back there somewhere

This is for Aunt Cheri!!! I love the rhinos!

What a fun Day we had at the zoo!

Halloween Gifts

This is the bib Nana and Poppy sent me!

Gram and Grandpa gave me a gift in a bag! What fun!!!
It is a Halloween sleeper that says "I love my Mummy!"

I really like the bag and the paper best!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mommy and her big girl

Mommy thinks I look like such a big girl in my big girl clothes. It was Mommy's birthday and we were just hanging out together at the house. I was trying on some new clothes.

I'm a little preoccupied with these shoes!!

In Stripes

It's starting to get cold around here, so Mommy put me in one of my winter outfits. Mommy and Daddy thought I looked so cute in it they just took lots of pictures. Here are a few.

Laundry Basket

Look at my new toy!!
(My shirt says "that's it I'm calling Nana!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trip to the Fishing Lodge

Daddy wanted to make sure everyone saw the huge fish he caught!

We went on a last minute trip to Aunt Gladys and Uncle Bobby's fishing lodge way up near Oklahoma. Mommy and Daddy did a little fishing on the lake with Uncle Bobby. I mostly hung out with Aunt Gladys and Grandmother. We went on a long walk through the woods down to the lake.

I was pooped out!

Aunt Gladys played "horsie" with me and then taught me how to shop from a catalog.

Thank you for inviting us! We had a great time!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hangin' Out

We've just been hangin' out lately. I really like to play with Mommy and Daddy and roll around on the floor. My blocks are some of my favorite toys. The yellow one has a peek-a-boo mirror!

I'm getting so strong, that when I roll around, sometimes I just pull my gym right over. I like to sit up and play in it sometimes. It has lots of toys in it and bright colors.

Look! I'm almost in the "crawl" position! I can't crawl yet, but I can pretty much get where I need to go. I just pivot on my tummy until I'm facing the right direction and then log roll.

It's fun to practice standing up. Mommy made a cage with her arms.

Daddy always plays "Super Baby" with me.

Like my beard? I'm trying to look more like Daddy!!

Just playing

Roly Poly!
Inside my gym
Yellow blocks taste good, too!