Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!!
That's what I told everyone I talked to on Thanksgiving Day. I hope you have a lot to be thankful for, I know I do! I am thankful for Jesus and Mommy and Daddy and all the rest of my family and friends!
This was our little Thanksgiving spread.
We ate outside because it was so hot in the kitchen after all that cooking...and it was really nice outside.

Daddy's favorite. He calls it something about "feast"

We decided to have some time for arts and crafts. Mommy stole this idea from Meme and Chandler...Thanks!
(Can you see our Christmas tree in the background??? Daddy put it up today)

Then some time for fingerpainting while Daddy put the lights on the house.

So, that was our day! I hope you had a good one, too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Grandpa's Girl

Boy do I love my Grandpa! I love Gram lots, too, but I'm better at saying Grandpa's name!

We read lots of books on Gram and Grandpa's visit over the weekend.

See, I told you I love my Gram!

We played outside for a little bit even though it was brrrrr cold

Checking out the neighbor's dogs through the fence

Drawing on the fence with my Daddy. Grandpa put my hat over my hood in case you are wondering. He also likes to tuck my shirt in tight to my pants. Mommy doesn't like it, but I kind of do.

We had a dance party Saturday night! Ring around the Rosie was Thatcher and my favorite!

All fall down!

Family Portrait

With Gram and Grandpa before we say good bye

Come back any time! We love you!!!

Sassy Thing

A few pictures of me being sassy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Hair Cut

Finally, at almost 20 months old, I got my first hair cut! It wasn't that long, but Mommy and Daddy decided it was a little too unruly. Mom said I looked like a rag a muffin when she picked me up at daycare.
Don't worry, I still have my curls!

This is before

Miss Tameka told me it was raining!

Then she gave me a mohawk just like hers

A little off the back
Some off the bangs
A blow dry just like I see Mommy do for her hair

And I'm done...please give me my bow back!

Mommy didn't even have to throw out any pictures because I didn't cry once. I was a good girl!

Who's Walking Who??

Aunt Andi brought Maverick to visit me. I like to get right down to his level and give him kisses.
I took him on walks

And then I decided to put my chair on top of Aunt Andi and then wanted to sit in it. She's such a good sport! Thank you for coming to visit me!!!

Using my Table

I like to use my table that Gram and Grandpa brought me from Brazil. It's just my size!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I had a super busy Halloween, but it was lots of fun. We had a party at school where we decorated pumpkins and ate lots of sweets. Our mommies and daddies got to come party with us!

Then, I put my Lion costume on again so we could go Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. My friend, Harper, came with me. Mommy bribed me with a Twizzler to wear my head. It worked for a little while!

This is my mean face

And this is me roaring like a lion!

After that, we headed to a Fall Festival. I had LOTS of fun!

Aunt Andi came and went with us. (She even brought Maverick)

YAY! What a fun night. Then we headed back to the house where I burned off my sugar high running in circles in the driveway.