Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drew at 3 months

Ok, I am going to turn over the blog to my Mommy.  I have too many things going on right now to keep up, so she'll have to let you know what's going on.  I'll take it over from time to time to let you in on my perspective.

Here are some pictures of Drew at 3 months old.  Not sure why it rotated the first couple, but hope you enjoy them.

And here is what he does for us all the time...Yummy!

What's that white stuff??

This is what we came home to!  SNOW!!!

Home Again Home Again

Ok, so really we did this one before our big trip, but I saved Christmas with just our little family for last.  Here are our stockings.

Doesn't Drew look into it?


Daddy got Mommy and me matching gifts...softball gloves!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now to Seguin

The last leg of our trip took us to Seguin to visit Grandma.  I love anytime I get to play with Chandler!

Cheney is glad to have another boy around!  Sorry they're so much younger than you!

Posing with Grandma

Gram and Grandpa played HiHo Cherry Oh with me before bed.  Ask them who won!

Look what I caught Grandpa and Drew doing! 

I'm so glad we got to see everyone for Christmas this year!  Hope yours was as good as mine!

Pellerin Christmas

So, we were actually at Nana and Poppie's house for Christmas.  We opened presents on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning!  What fun!!

Poppie is getting used to having kids around!  Guess he doesn't have much choice.

I was helping Aunt Andi find presents with my name on them!

What a crowd!

Nana and Poppie and their grandkiddos

Nana and Poppie's kids and their significant others

Don't be wasn't often all 3 were calm at the same time!

See the 4 wheeler that Nana and Poppie got me?  I was scared of it, but I finally rode it yesterday and am starting to like it.

Well, there you have it.  Christmas in Louisiana!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Portraits

We decided to all take family pictures.  Guess you do that kind of thing when everyone is together. 

Here is ours...

Here is the Porter family picture...this is the best they could do

Gram and Grandpa wanted one with all their grandkids, but you saw what Thatcher was doing

Yeah, Thatcher and Double A slept through the generation picture, too.
Maybe next time!

Christmas #1

Ok, I'm finally going to show you my pictures from Christmas.  It really was a "season" this year, not just a day.  I really had a good time.

First, Gram and Grandpa came up and had Christmas with me and Thatcher a little early.  This is us waiting on Thatcher to get there.

Let's get started already!  Think we have enough presents?  I'm not sure what spoiled means, but I hear that word sometimes!

I got to do double all my presents and Drew's!

Looks like I helped more than just Drew, huh?

Drew woke up and had fun sometimes, too.

What a good start!  Thank you, Gram and Grandpa, for coming up so we all got to have Christmas together!!!  Love you!