Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gram and Grandpa Visit

Gram and Grandpa came to visit me for the day before they left for Cozumel. They are sad we didn't go with them, but they have a week with Thatcher. Mommy and Daddy are taking me to Hot Springs on Friday. I can't wait for our first vacation together!!! Gram thought it was funny to pull my pants up like Grandpa wears his.

We had a good time together. They both love holding
me and playing with me. I like to stick my tongue out
at them (well anyone!).

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C&C Mama said...

Ashtyn, you are growing so fast!! Have fun on your vacation. Our favorite times as a family is on our vacation. Cheney, Billy, and I are leaving tomorrow for New York. Chandler is staying behind with MeMe & Pop. I already miss her!!!!!!