Monday, July 30, 2007

Messy Mommy!

Daddy usually feeds me and the two of us have it down pretty good. Mommy had to feed me this morning and boy did she make a mess. Daddy is going to have to give her some pointers!

They bought me this new bib, but I get distracted by it. It's so pretty and I like to try to eat it.

It's really not a beard, but I have cereal ALL over me!


Daddy said...

It looks like she's at a barber shop and the barber cut off all of her hair! (I'm not sure where the rice beard comes into play.)

Ashtyn-- always remember-- DADDY LOVES YOU!!!

Tammy said...

She's growing so fast! And is soooo cute!!!

Gram said...

Now you just need to learn to blow bubbles or throw raspberries. See how many comments they make about your beard.