Thursday, August 2, 2007

First day of Daycare

Thursday, August 2...this is my first day of daycare. Mommy is a little sad that she won't get to spend all day with me anymore, but I'm kind of excited. In fact, I can't hardly contain myself!!!

Look, I have my bottle all ready to go and everything!

Let's go already!!! (Mommy hopes I'm still this happy when she picks me up!)


Gram said...

Ashtyn Nicole, you look soooo happy to go to school. We'll see how long that can last-----18 years?

Thatcher's Mommy said...

YEAH Ash!!! I hope you had fun at school today. I know Mommy is sad, but so is Double A. I won't get to see you every week now. I guess we knew our fun summer would have to end sometime. Now I guess we'll just move playdates to the weekends.

C&C Mama said...

Ashtyn-tell your mommy that you will have a BLAST at school, she will be the one that will sad!! Chandler has so much fun bossing the kids around!! But, her mommy is worried about dropping her off in a couple of weeks-we get so attached each summer!! Cheney is ready for kindergarten-he bought his school supplies the other day. Mommy was crying!!!!