Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy 1st Halloween!

Here I am in Halloween outfit #1. Kind of looks like jail stripes!
This is my "I Love Mummy" outfit that Gram and Grandpa brought me.

Quack! Quack! Getting ready to go to the carnival at church.

The hood is a little big
At Festival 31...I got to ride a pony!!!!
Giddy Up!

Looking at the chickens in the petting zoo
Visiting with friends Russ and Shannon
Daddy got through working and walked around with us a bit. This is in front of the Noah's Ark inflatable

This is Hayden. His parents think he is my future husband!
It was a fun first Halloween!


Nana said...

Oh Ashtyn, I've been waiting to "see" your 1st Halloween. You were so cute. Looks like you had fun, too.

Andrea said...

Oh, Ash, you are such a sweet little camera ham! I normally think you look a lot like your mommy but you look just like your daddy in that one pic with him. I can't wait to come visit you next weekend! Love, Aunt Andi

Gram said...

Quack, quack! It looks like you don't like having that hood on you head. I am glad you had fun at the carnival.

MeMe said...

Did Mom and Dad let you eat any of your treats?? Come see Cheney and Chandler and you can pet and ride Toby and Rocket. I am sure they will like you.

Grandma said...

Wow Ashtyn, you sure do look like your Daddy in that one picture.
I sure did like the strip suit. Looks like you had fun on your first Halloween.

grandpa said...

What a good looking duck! I bet you were hot in that outfit, but you also looked hot in it! See you in a couple of weeks! Cheer on those Wolves for me!

Love you,