Monday, November 26, 2007

My First Thanksgiving

It was time for my very first Thanksgiving. We headed to Seguin to see Gram and Grandpa and the rest of the family down there. I can't wait to see Daddy's side in a few weeks!
What else are you supposed to do at Thanksgiving. Let's eat Gram!

I'm pretty sure Grandpa was told to put my shoes on me. I don't think this is quite what Mommy meant!

Got my hat on, ready to go outside. I like Rudy more than he likes me!

Maybe I don't like my hat so much!

We got to pet the horsie at Pat and Larry's "farm"

Thatcher and I sat on the alpaca. We've been hearing a lot about them lately, so we had to go visit. They weren't too fond of us, either.

I love playing with Thatcher on his musical table. As you can see, though, I'm a little distracted by Rudy.

Hangin' with Lisa

Chandler taught me so much! We played together a lot. She was teaching me how to put the balls in the holes.

Me and Thatch with Grandma

Daddy is teaching me how to play "42" Too bad I can't count yet!

On the move!

I think Chandler was trying to take a picture of us!

This was going to be a great picture, but I didn't have time to sit around and pose!

I'm waving!

Playing with Gram at Clear Springs

Stealing a kiss from Grandpa

SUPER BABY!!!!!!!!
We had a great time. Thank you for playing with us!

I love you all!


MeMe said...

We had a great time with you. Thanks for sharing Thanksgiving with us.
Love, MeMe

C&C Mama said...

Nice hair in the 1st pic, Gram!!

Ashtyn-Chandler had so much fun playing with you. She is ready to teach you new things-she started saying "cheese" when someone takes her picture! Come back soon-I know that Mommy has basketball games, but we HAVE to get together!!

Nana said...

Looks like you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving. And, tell your daddy to get ready; I think you're going to be an animal lover. Love you, Nana

Andrea said...

It looks you all had a ton of fun. There's so many cute pictures, I'm not sure which one to comment on. I think my favorite is you running away while trying to "pose" with your cousins! Big kisses! ~Aunt Andi

Gram said...

Thanks for visiting! I had a great time. It sure was quiet around here on Saturday afternoon. I need to get you and Thatcher back to visit again soon! By the way c&c mama----I was blindsided.

grandpa said...

We had a FUN time. Thank you, your mommy and daddy for coming down. Can't wait 'til Christmas. There'll be lots more wrapping paper to play with!!!

Grandma said...

It was a great Thanksgiving. Being with all of my great-grand kids and almost all of my grand-kids, except Jeff and Kerry. We had a good time didn't we? Come back soon.