Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve and Day

Daddy's side of the family came into town to celebrate Christmas with me. Boy did we have fun! I'll tell you a little about some of the pictures as you look through them.
Aunt Cheri gave me a matching rhino tatoo! (Don't worry's just a sticker)

Hanging out with Aunt Andi
Hmmm...What can I get into tonight???
What do you mean I can't open it??? It has my name on it!

Our happy family
Nana made all her kids a photo album of their childhood. Daddy is looking through his. Great gift Nana!
Chillin' with Nana
Think Nana likes her mug?
Even Poppie likes his!

Just wanted to show off my big smile

Christmas Morning...Santa came to visit!
I'm still a little sleepy, but it looks like Noah's ark
Hey, this is a pretty cool toy
Poppie and I have our own secret hand shake. He's the first one I crawled to on Christmas morning. I love you Poppie!!!

He got a gift card for a scope from Academy
Yea!! Wrapping paper!
Aunt Andi reading me my new book. (Aunt Cher, this is the only one I could find that didn't have your phone in it!)
I got Daddy a Rubiks cube. Guess we'll see how smart he really is!
I gave Mommy a picture of me and her
Mommy and Daddy gave me a table that does all kind of things. Even's all about food!
Speaking of food. This was in my stocking
Thank you for my pony Nana and Poppie. I love riding it!
Alright, I'm all buckled in. Let's go back to Reeves. I wish you didn't all have to leave! Come back and see me soon.


Andrea said...

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!! What a great time we had - can't wait to see you again (and your mom and dad, too).

Andrea said...

Hey, I just noticed a very important member of the family missing from all the pics: Maverick! Tsk, tsk.

Nana said...

Ashtyn, I enjoyed looking at the pictures almost (just almost) as much as being with you. Poppie was looking at them with me. You really melted his heart on this trip. I've got a feeling we'll be back before your birthday. Love you bunches. Nana (& Poppie)

Gram said...

Ashtyn can really melt hearts! Poppie, you better watch out. Ashtyn may be your newest hunting buddy. It looks like you all had a great Christmas!

Grandma said...

Ashtyn, the only thing missing was Grandma not being able to be with you on Christmas. I miss you so much, but am glad you had a great Christmas. Come see us.