Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Reeves

Me and Daddy went to Reeves for the weekend. Mommy couldn't come because she was playing basketball. We had a great time anyway!

Opening my first Christmas gifts.
Khrissie has given me lots of her old clothes. We had a great time playing together.
What a group!!!
I went on my very first hay ride. It was Cooold, but I loved it!
I love my Nana and Poppie. Thanks for having us!


Gram said...

It looks like you had a great "Reeves Christmas". I am so glad that your Daddy was willing to take you by himself to visit your family. Not many daddys would be so brave. We love you, Ashtyn.

Andrea said...

And, I'm glad your mommy let you come even though she missed you so much. We sure had fun with you!

Nana said...

Well, it's official, Ashtyn. You made it through your first event with the extended family, so you are IN. We sure enjoyed having you. We thank Mommy for letting you come without her. I know she missed you a lot. Love, Nana