Monday, January 7, 2008

Playing around

We were just playing around tonight and took some fun pictures. Daddy wanted to hear me laugh out loud, but I showed off my new tricks, too. While laughing, I kick my legs up and down off the floor so high it picks up my whole body except the top of my back and my head. Mommy and Daddy thought it was pretty funny!

Mommy wouldn't share her salad with me, so I'm sticking my head in the bowl to get something to eat. The song my table plays says there's alphabet soup in here!

I like playing in the laundry basket after I help fold clothes.

Whoa!!!!!! I'm falling!
Hmmmm...what did I get myself into? I can't get out, but I can move across the floor in here. Mommy said something about me being like a hermit crab.


Andrea said...

Oh, kiddo, I adore you! (And I know the feeling is mutual b/c you kept wanting to come to me when we briefly saw you on Saturday!)

C&C Mama said...

Ashtyn-you are such a cutie! You have a beautiful smile!!

Tammy said...

What a happy baby you appear to be!

Gram said...

You are so cute, I just want to squeeze you. I loved hearing you talk to me last night! What a happy little girl you are (most of the time).

Nana said...

You're a normal kid: all the new toys and you're playing with a laundry basket!It was good to see you this past weekend.

Grandma said...

What a happy little girl. You are such a pretty little one. I love that smile. You sure are lucky to have such a wonderful Mom & Dad. I love you.

grandpa said...

Looks to me like you're already jumping higher than you mom ever could! Now, learn to hold on to the ball when it comes your way.
Love you a whole, whole bunch!