Sunday, February 17, 2008

District Champs!

The Lady Wolves won district again!! Both varsity and JV teams. Way to go!!!
The pictures didn't turn out very good, but oh well.
This is the varsity
This is the JV. They were doing some kind of dance. They're crazy!!
This is me going to congratulate Mommy!


Anonymous said...

See here

C&C Mama said...

HEY ASHTYN!! Give your Mommy a high five for us!! We can't wait to see her team play in the Erwin Center-GO LADY WOLVES!!!!

Andrea said...

Congrats to Mommy! And what a great supporter you are, Ash.

Grandma said...

CONGRAUTLATIONS! I am so proud of your team. Maybe we will be able to see them in Austin soon.
Ashtyn, I bet you are the biggest star on the team. You are in Grandma's eyes.

MeMe said...

Ashtyn, maybe someday you will be playing on the same court with Mommy coaching. Just remember to keep practicing the dribble--with your hand, not your mouth--and take the open shot. Don't wait--just shoot. As Uncle Larry's favorite shirt says, "you miss 100%of the shots you DON'T take". I think Mommy should post more frequently--not so much at once. Does she think she is busy or something? I hear that you REALLY won over your Grandpa with the head on his shoulder and pats on his chest. Can you share some of the big bucks he will give you for that?
See you in Austin.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

Congrats to all of the ladies! Ashtyn, thanks for being one of Mommy's biggest fans. I know she was always glad to have you in the stands yelling for her teams.