Monday, June 16, 2008

Toddler Time at the MAC

Today was my first time at "toddler time". It's just a bunch of kids with a bunch of toys playing in a gym. It was pretty fun. There was a boy there teaching me to be a bully. He kept crashing into everything my Mommy helped me build and knocking it over. Later, I was doing the same for another little girl.
Hope you enjoy watching me play!

I like ducks a lot. I just wanted to carry this one around with me.
There were only a couple of balls, and I could never get one. I knew exactly what to do, though. I marched right over to the small blocks and picked one out. Who says a ball has to be round???
I couldn't reach, but I met a new friend, Emma. She tried to help me.
Can't wait to go again!!!


C&C Mama said...

Ash-you look so cute!! But, I have to say: I honestly CAN NOT believe that your Mommy put a PINK bow in your hair!! It looks really cute!! YEAH Mommy!! Can't wait to see you soon!!

MeMe said...

What a big girl you are.

Nana said...

Oh Ashtyn, that was so much fun. You have such a good mommy, taking you to all these fun places. Looks you are getting a lot of hair. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

grandmother said...

Ashtyn, You and mommy have found fun places,to go. Isn't it great to have mommy home, allday.

Gram said...

Cool! That is a neat thing to do with all of the mats and toys. It looks like you are learning a lot by playing with all of these new climbing toys. Did you thank mommy for taking you to such a neat playday?

Thatcher's Mommy said...

oh, oh, oh... can I go? Huh? Huh? Can I? Can I?