Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We headed into the storm for Labor Day weekend. Well, not exactly, but that's what some said about us! We met the rest of Daddy's family at Aunt Andi's house in Houston. She has a pool now, so we did a little swimming.

I had to wear double swim diapers because of my recent issues. That's why my bottoms look so huge!
UhOh! I got up here, but HELP!!!!!
Me and Nana
I love playing with Maverick. He tolerates me, mostly because he knows I'll feed him. I even tried to share my juice with him from my sippy cup. He doesn't know how to drink out of a sippy cup!
See Food!
The next few pictures you may notice a common theme. I went around to take my picture with everyone saying "Cheese" and scrunching my face.

First Poppie

Then Nana
Aunt Cher Cher
and Aunt Andi
Aunt Andi also has a piano at her house! I like to play it and even learned I could play it with my feet! Nana even opened it up so I could see how it works.

Thank you for letting us all come stay with you Aunt Andi! I had a great time and can't wait to see you all again!


Grandpa said...

I love your "cheese" face. It looks like you had lots and lots of fun. We're glad Gustov left you alone and that you had a safe trip. I love you.

Nana said...

We had a great time, too, Ashtyn. Glad you were there to entertain us as we watched Gustav. Love, Nana

Gram said...

You are such a ham! It looks like you had great fun with all of the Pellerin clan. Hopefully you showered them with hugs and kisses. We are certainly glad that Gustav was a non-issue for your family. I know Nana and Poppie were probably concerned about what it was like back home.

Andi said...

You can come play the piano and swim in the pool any time you can convince your mommy and daddy to come for a visit . . . Maverick will be anxiously waiting.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

YEAH! Mommy posted new pictures. It looks like the weather was JUST fine for you. Great house Andi!

Grandma said...

What a cute little face. I like that great smile. Keep it up.
Come to see us. Maybe I will feel better next time.