Monday, November 24, 2008

Grandpa's Girl

Boy do I love my Grandpa! I love Gram lots, too, but I'm better at saying Grandpa's name!

We read lots of books on Gram and Grandpa's visit over the weekend.

See, I told you I love my Gram!

We played outside for a little bit even though it was brrrrr cold

Checking out the neighbor's dogs through the fence

Drawing on the fence with my Daddy. Grandpa put my hat over my hood in case you are wondering. He also likes to tuck my shirt in tight to my pants. Mommy doesn't like it, but I kind of do.

We had a dance party Saturday night! Ring around the Rosie was Thatcher and my favorite!

All fall down!

Family Portrait

With Gram and Grandpa before we say good bye

Come back any time! We love you!!!


C and C Mommy said...

Oh.....I can't wait to see you.

Andi said...

What fun! My favorite pic is the last one. I LOVE those tights, Ash! And, Thatch, your hair style rocks!

Gram said...

Boy, did we ever have fun with you! You were a great hostess---along with Mommy & Daddy. It was fun hanging out and playing with you and Thatcher. I love you!!!

Grandpa said...

You're too precious. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. I can't wait until Christmas time. Be good and enjoy your trip to La.
I love you!