Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hometown Holidays

We went to Hometown Holidays today. There was lots of fun stuff to do and the weather was nice. I was so excited Grandmother came with us!!!

I like to talk about Santa and to say HoHoHo, but when it comes right down to it, this is how I feel about him! I'm a little scared!!!

I was more comfy with Mommy holding me.

I got to sit in a real sleigh...too bad there were no reindeer.

I liked riding the choo choo train
Then I saw some familiar toys. These are the ones I get to play with in the summer when Mommy takes me to toddler time at the MAC.
My friend, Molly, came and played with us. We had lots of fun!

Then I got my picture made with a giant penguin. Hmmm...wonder why I'm not scared of him???
Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


C and C Mommy said...

Hey Ashtyn!! Chandler has the SAME shirt and pants.....maybe we should dress you alike and take pictures when you are here!! Don't be afraid of Santa....he is a nice guy!!

MeMe said...

This is going to be a really FUN Christmas for you and Mommy and Daddy.

Gram said...

You should give Santa a big kiss! He is our friend. I am glad you had fun yesterday, even though you didn't enjoy Santa's lap. Come sit in Grandpa's lap!

Aunt Kaye said...

Ashtyn, you are one busy little girl. I can't wait to see you this weekend (and your mommy and daddy, too!!)

Nana said...

Christmas this year is going to be so much for you as well as all of us. Anxiously waiting to see you Friday. I have a surprise for you in my kitchen!!!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Ashtyn- at least you got to sit with Mrs. Claus... I was so scared of Santa, too. Do you think he'll still bring us toys?

Grandpa said...

Oh, Ashtyn. You and Thatch better get somebody to talk to Santa for you, so he'll know where you will be on Christmas. I'd hate for you to wake up Christmas morning and have nothing from Santa under the tree, but that sounds like a distinct possibility. Yeah, right!
Ho, Ho, Ho.