Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sorry it took my Mommy so long to get this posted. We've been playing a lot lately! I had a great Christmas with all of my family. We went to Gram and Grandpa's house in Seguin first.
Doing an art project with Gram

Anyone up for a Christmas Eve boat ride????

Thatcher and his Mommy and Daddy showed up, so we got to open one gift on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning. Can we come out already???
Anyone out there?
Look what all Santa brought me!!!
Reading about Jesus' birth
Trying out my new sleeping bag
There were so many presents we had to take a breakfast break

Grandpa with his two favorite Grandkiddos

I liked helping others open their gifts, too.

I got my very own basketball goal!!!
I don't like Santa Claus, even if it is Grandpa
On to Grandma's house. This is me and Chandler. We like playing together.
Grandpa is playing with Thatch's toys!
Playing outside with Chandler
And then to Houston to visit Nana, Poppie, and Aunt Andi.
I LOVE my new monkey!
TA DA! I just finished my first song on my new piano
Pretty...I like Nana's new jewelry
Aunt Andi is teaching me some yoga moves. (See my socks?)
My favorite place to ride my tricycle is over to my piano!

Back at home to see what Santa left me here. It's a new art desk!!

Sitting in my new Dora chair about to dig into my last stocking of the year.
Thank you everyone for all the gifts and for the fun times!
I love you all!!!!


Grandpa said...

Wow, what a great time we had celebrating Jesus' birthday. Thank you, mommy and daddy for sharing your holiday with Gram and Grandpa.
I love you.

Gram said...

Ashtyn, you have so much family that loves you. You just seemed to make all of the rounds this year. Thank you for sharing with me. I am ready for you and Thatch to come back!

Andi said...

Yay, Ashtyn! It was a great time!

MeMe said...

WOW!! What can you possibly want for your birthday?

Tammy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I sure loved it when you came to visit me at your grandpa's office! See you again soon!