Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is for some of you who haven't seen this yet. These are the pictures I sent Gram and Grandpa and Nana and Poppie and all my aunts on Valentine's Day. I had a special message for them. Some of them took a long time to read my message!
I wanted to share my big news with the rest of you!

Yep, you got it! I'm going to be a BIG sister! I'm super excited!! My baby brother or sister is scheduled to arrive around October 8. Until then, I'll be practicing helping Mommy and Daddy.


MeMe said...

Oh, how exciting!
You will be an awesome big sister.

Jocelyn said...

Now you need to tell Thatcher to hurry up and become a big brother!

Parlin Family said...

Congrats! Dane and Ashtyn can exchange big bro/big sis stories!!

Nana said...

I loved "your" way of telling us, Ashtyn.

Larissa Pereira said...

So lovely!
So cute!

I can't wait the time to be with you in July Ashtyn!
God bless you darling!


randa said...


E said...

Congratulations to you and to your mommy and daddy! Your Gram told me a few weeks ago and she's pretty excited herself! =0)

Hope your mommy's feeling okay! Take good care of her.