Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Weekend

Before we could head out of town to Nana and Poppie's house, I got my Easter basket at home.

Poppie read MaKenna and me a book. We read lots of books over the weekend and lots of Bible stories. Did you know the reason we celebrate Easter is because Jesus is alive? My Bible says that he died on the cross, but that 3 days later he was alive again!

Then we went outside where Poppie let me help him plant squash in his garden. Thanks for letting me help!

Got to water the seeds. Ok, so maybe I missed!

Back inside to help Nana make cup cakes.

Then we dyed Easter eggs. Mommy made me take off my shirt because I was dropping the eggs in and splashing the colored water.

Mmmmm...Taste test

Then to Aunt Kaye and Uncle Warren's new house for the crawfish boil and Easter egg hunt.

This is the girls. (There aren't any boys yet, but we have at least one on the way!) Lexi, MaKenna, Khrissy, and me.

I couldn't wait to get into the beautiful cake Paula made.
We all liked to play in the sand pile. I had a problem getting there, though. I guess I'm a city girl or just a sissy girl as Mommy says. I don't like to walk barefoot or get my feet all dirty!

Easter morning we had to hunt the house to find our Easter baskets. Found mine!!

Time for Easter family portraits.
MaKenna and CherCher
Me and Mommy and Daddy.
I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, too!


Gram said...

What a busy weekend you had! I am so glad you got to have so much fun with your Nana, Poppie and the rest of your family. By the way, your hair looks like it is growing very fast! See you soon. I love you all.

Nana said...

Another time to store up so many memories.

Grandpa said...

It looks like you had toooooo much fun. And crawdads? Where's mine. I'm so jealous. All I got to eat for Easter was the hind leg of a bunny rabbit. Love you.

Aunt Lynette said...

Ashtyn...I know you don't know your cousin Brock yet...but there is one little boy in the family. You can see his picture at I also posted pics from Easter weekend at There is a really cute one of you and Nana pretending to walk on the balance beam.