Saturday, June 27, 2009

Branson Part 1

We went to Branson on vacation and met Nana and Poppie there. This first portion is going to be the things we did in town..."out and about in Branson" Later, you'll get to see what all we did at the resort.
We went on a boat on the Lake Taneycomo one morning. The weather wasn't great, so there weren't many people on our cruise.

I even got to drive the boat for a while! Grandpa, it's a lot bigger than your boat!

I like this Vacation thing!
Then we went to the zoo in Springfield. You already know how much I like flamingos, so I was excited to find them!
I got to feed the llamas
and even a giraffe!!! Never done that before!

After the zoo, we had a picnic in the park

Another day, we went to see "Noah, the Musical" This is the awesome theater we went to.
I don't know who Davy Crockett is, but they told me I was wearing his hat. Thanks for sharing, Davy!
One evening, we stopped at this scenic lookout. There were scenic lookouts everywhere!

We also checked out the fish hatchery. They weren't pretty, but boy were there a lot of them! I liked to feed the fishies.

Don't forget to come back soon to see more from my Branson vacation!


Grandpa said...

Grandpa's so glad you had a good vacation. I know Nanna and Poppy had a great time.

MeMe said...

The first of your many summer weeks, Ashtyn. Can't wait to see more.

Grandma said...

Looks like you had fun. Was glad that I got to see you when you were in Seguin.

C and C Mommy said...

Looks like fun!!

Gram said...

You are such a cutie! I am sure you entertained Nana and Poppie all week long. I love your purse you took to Noah. It looks like you had one busy week.

Andi said...

Glad you had a good time! Nana's still talking about! And, I agree with Gram - cute purse!

Nana said...

We did have a great time. I have so many memories.

E @ Scottsville said...


Just wanted to tell you that I sure was glad I got to sit and eat with you guys and meet Ashtyn's personality that night. SHE IS SUCH A DOLL!!!! Simply, sweetly PRECIOUS!!!

Brace yourself... cuz when you're first one's THAT SWEET, your second one is usually... well, uh... not. ha ha ha

Take care!