Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Fun

We had a mostly beautiful spring break week!  We worked in the flower bed and hung out with our friends and neighbors, Harper and Will.  It's so much fun to have neighbors to play with!

Ashtyn even helped me with the flower bed.  She even held earth worms and played with roly polies!  Maybe she won't be such a girly girl after all!!!  (Of course, she was wearing gloves!)

Drew just enjoyed being outside.

It was finally Drew's turn to swing, so this is what he chose to do with his time!


Nana said...

You and your brother and friends looked like you were having fun (until Drew went to sleep).

Andi said...

Ash - those gloves were huge - and they look just like the ones Aunt Andi has!

That pic of Drew with the huge grin on his face is the cutest pic of him ever!

Grandpa said...

Wow, Mr. Drew sure looks happy. Ash, now that you can hold the worms, it's time for Grandpa to teach you to bait your own hook!

MeMe said...

Ashtyn, ask someone to bring you some gloves for your birthday--some that FIT. Glad you had some pretty weather before the snow set in again. lol

Gram said...

Drew, it is wonderful to be able to sleep in the sun! Look like you enjoyed the spring break as much as your sister with the worms!

Grandma said...

Sure are two cuties. I am proud of you.