Monday, August 2, 2010

Ashtyn has been taking ballet during July.  She really enjoyed it!  Thanks to Gracie for the leatards so Mommy didn't have to buy them!!!
This is her showing off her moves before we head to class one day.

Her friend, Harper, took the class with her.
This kept Drew occupied and happy while sissy danced.

And finally, they had a summer class show for the parents. It was nothing like what I dread may be in the future (real dance recitals).  We really just got to watch a class and got a glimpse of what they have learned.  They wore the little skirts so the could move them as they walked around the hay.

First some stretching. Even I know how important this is!

I'm pretty sure this was Ashtyn's favorite part of the dance.  She even sang along with the music!!  Oooooh Ahhhhh Ohhhhh Ahhhh!

And done.

Daddy worked from home so he could go see Ashtyn's little show.  Drew gives his approval.
A little demonstration of what they have learned.

You are a beautiful ballerina, Ashtyn!  We are glad you had so much fun!!


Tammy said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! There are few things cuter than little ballerinas!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

I think she's gonna have to take another class so you can VIDEO tape it!! :) Where's that basketball??

MeMe said...

I am so glad she is dancing. She doesn't get a sense of rhythm from her Mom. lol

Grandma said...

Chandler is here with me seeing the pictures. I ask her what she wanted to tell Ashtyn. She says,
"you are very, very cute. Gradma thinks so too and Drew is so cute and sure growing.

grandpa mitch said...

How cool are you?! You'll have to dance for Gram and Grandpa this week when you get to our house. I'm looking forward to it!

Andi said...


Nana said...

Nana has been waiting for these pictures and she was not disappointed. Loved them all.

Gram said...

Ashtyn, you are too cute! Daddy better get the bat ready to beat off the little boys! I am glad you enjoyed dance so much.