Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Fun

Drew likes to put his "make up" on with Mommy in the morning.  Daddy is not too happy about this!!

Our friend, JP, made this adorable hat for Ashtyn for next winter.  Ash had fun modeling it today!  Thanks JP!!


MeMe said...

I'd rather Drew copy your Mom's than Dad's shaving. lol

Cute hat, Ashtyn.

Grandma said...

It is okay for Drew to mimick his Mommy. He is all boy, he will grow out of it. Ashtyn, I like your hat. Thanks for the pictures. I had about to think you never bloged any more.

Nana said...

Maybe Drew is just making sure Mommy does it right. Good modeling, Ash Bear.

MeMe said...

When are we getting some new posts?