Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun Times!!

This was a rough week for all of us around here. Maybe I had a little something to do with that. I have been crying a lot and requiring even more attention than normal. Mommy and Daddy have been missing out on a lot of sleep on my account. They have pretty much decided I am teething.
Anyway, I decided to play a little trick-a-roo on them. Wednesday night and Thursday were by far my worst moments. I guess I decided that it was no fun to be like that because "poof!" on Friday I was a new, fun girl! They keep telling me how much fun I am now, so I've been doing that all weekend. Mommy picked me up from daycare on Friday and we played, I took a nap like a good girl, then we went to the volleyball game where I hung out with one of Mommy's players, Keena. When we got home, we played some more. I like to sit on the floor in the middle of all my toys and just play. Sometimes I dive after one and end up on my tummy, so I just roll around on the floor. It's kind of fun! Once, I went log rolling into the hallway. I've been this fun girl all far!
Daddy took video of me rolling around and playing, but you can't really capture it in a still picture. Here are some of me sitting up and playing with one of my big toys.

Cool! It makes music and lights up!

This is fun!

Peek a boo!


MeMe said...

I am so glad that your Mommy and Daddy have a happy girl again. Glad you are all having fun.
Love, MeMe

C&C Mama said...

What a cutie!

Gram said...

Isn't it more fun to be happy? Thanks for letting Mommy and Daddy get a little more sleep. Your face just lights up when you smile!

Nana said...

Hi Ashtyn. Glad to see your happy pictures. Will see you in person soon.

Grandpa said...

Goodness, you're getting big. I'm so glad you're feeling better and have found that smilie face again.
Hurry back to Gram and Grandpa's house.