Sunday, September 9, 2007

Weekend in Seguin

We went to Seguin the Labor Day weekend because Mommy was getting inducted into her high school's Hall of Honor. Of course, we played a little bit while we were there!

This is Mommy and her best friend from high school, Tonia. They both were inducted together, so that was pretty neat. They played basketball for the Lady Matadors and had a lot of fun. This is with the plaques that will be hanging in the gym in Seguin forever. Both of them said they wished they could have played in this gym when they were there. Coach Nelson said they would have filled it up!

Mommy is receiving her honor from the Booster Club representatives. We were all there with her on the special day. You heard me mention Coach Nelson earlier. Well, she was Mommy's coach and a very special person in her life. That's who is standing with us here.

We went to Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry's to swim. It started raining, though, and we had to get out of the water. I just hung out on the patio with the family. Grandpa and I were playing around.

Just the and Chandler. We really like playing together. We hung out in a float together in the pool, but Mommy didn't have that picture. You can check out her blog to see it.

Just chillin' with Gram. We did this on Sunday. On Saturday, we hung out on the dock and watched boats go by while Daddy played golf. Mommy did get to ski, probably one last time for the year. We had a good time in Seguin.


MeMe said...

lAshtyn, Uncle Larry and I love to have you visit and play in our pool. I know that Chandler likes being the "big" cousin. Come back any time.
Love, MeMe

C&C Mama said...

Cute picture of Chandler & Ashtyn! Come back soon-we miss you!

Gram said...

Didn't we have fun just hangin'? You can come to Seguin any time and hang out with the family, but especially Gram

Grandpa said...

Ashtyn, I just love having you to cuddle up with. The only thing that could have made this special weekend for your mom any better would have been for the Matadors to have won. Go, Mats, Go.