Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hangin' Out

We've just been hangin' out lately. I really like to play with Mommy and Daddy and roll around on the floor. My blocks are some of my favorite toys. The yellow one has a peek-a-boo mirror!

I'm getting so strong, that when I roll around, sometimes I just pull my gym right over. I like to sit up and play in it sometimes. It has lots of toys in it and bright colors.

Look! I'm almost in the "crawl" position! I can't crawl yet, but I can pretty much get where I need to go. I just pivot on my tummy until I'm facing the right direction and then log roll.

It's fun to practice standing up. Mommy made a cage with her arms.

Daddy always plays "Super Baby" with me.

Like my beard? I'm trying to look more like Daddy!!

Just playing

Roly Poly!
Inside my gym
Yellow blocks taste good, too!


Nana said...

Oh Ashtyn, I wish you could see Nana sitting here looking at your pictures. I'm just laughing to myselft. You are so precious. Your hair looks like it is growing. Thank Mommie for sending the pictures. Love you, Nana

Andrea said...

Yay, more adorable pics of you Ash! It's fun to watch you grow and change.

Gram said...

Ashtyn, thank mommy for posting some new pictures! You are changing so fast and we can't keep up without new pics.

You are adorable! I just love your smile.