Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Cold Night

We had some really cold weather last week. Unfortunately, we didn't get all the snow like my cousin, Thatcher. Me, Mommy, and Daddy did stay in with a fire and play all evening, though. Boy, was it fun!!!
I liked looking at the fire. It is really pretty.

Get a look at me up close! Cheese!!
Once I found this Tylenol bottle, I wouldn't put it down. You'll see!! :)
Mommy and Daddy say I'm preaching when I do this and bounce and talk. I just want somebody to understand what I'm saying. I have good points!
This is one of my favorite toys. (Thank you Jenny!!) I get really excited when it starts popping balls into the air and playing music.


Andrea said...

Preach on, Ash! There's nothing wrong with being a talker. Nothing at all. Well, 'cept it might get you in trouble sometimes when you're older. I'm just saying.

Nana said...

Ashtyn, you look like such fun in all of the pictures. Has Grandpa seen you preach yet? Maybe you can give us a sermon when we're all together, SOON.

Gram said...

Ashtyn, where did you get that preaching stance? I will have to teach you how to really get going----you see, hands on the hips are a family trait. I know you already have the pointing down, but we will have to work on the rest.

Anonymous said...

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MeMe said...

Sorry--Many Baptist churches don't allow female preacers--won't keep you from preaching at home.
Love, MeMe