Friday, March 14, 2008

A Pound of Dirt

Poppie is always saying that everyone is going to eat a pound of dirt in their life, some do it all at once. Well, Poppie, I've started!
It was a beautiful day and Mommy wanted to work in the flower bed. We all went outside together. It was my first real time to play outside. I didn't much want to walk behind my push toy with Daddy to get the mail.

I did like playing in the least for a little while
Then I got curious about this stuff Mommy was digging in.
But Mommy, I couldn't help it!! I had to taste it!!!


Anonymous said...

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MeMe said...

What a beautiful girl you are--dirt and all. Hope you have great weather for your Easter egg hunt.
Happy early birthday.
Love, MeMe

Nana said...

I think Mommie & Daddy will have a beautiful flower bed this year with the help you gave them. Love, Nana (PS. See you soon)

Tammy said...

Before you know it, you'll be figuring out how to make mud pies with that dirt! What a cutie you are!

Gram said...

A little taste of dirt is great for you! Everyone has to taste a little sometime. Enjoy playing outside while you can. Before long you have to WORK outside! I am ready to come see you for your birthday.

Grandma said...

That is okay Ashtyn, dirt want hurt you. Soon you will really be helping in the flower beds. You sure a cutie. Will see you soon for your 1st birthday.

Anonymous said...

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