Monday, May 19, 2008

Evening at the Park

Have I mentioned that I like being outside??? Well, Friday night, Daddy had this great idea that we have a picnic in the park. We picked up Grandmother and some dinner and had a great time!!
We played with a ball

and we just played around. I like running from Mommy and Daddy when they are chasing me!
Grandmother will save me!!

Someone left this hula hoop there. I climbed into the middle of it and sat and played with my ball. Everywhere the hula hoop went, Ashtyn was sure to follow!
I LOVE the swing. As you can see, I am clapping.
Then I chased bubbles around
and of course tried to pop them.
Before we left, we fed the birds. Boy did we have a good time! I'm tired just talking about it! Can't wait 'til we get to go again!


Andrea said...

Wow,Ash,it sure looks like you had a blast! A picnic in the park sounds fun.

Gram said...

See what fun you can have without spending a lot of money? Daddy had such a great idea! It looks like there was something for EVERYONE!

Grandma said...

Ashtyn looks like you are having fun at the park. Wish I could see you. You sure are growing.