Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finally...the rest of the Camping Trip

Well, I finally got Mommy to put more pictures of our camping trip on the blog. So, here they are!
I got to meet my soon to be cousin, McKenna. She's way younger than me, but already is bigger! I tried to be a baby again and crawl into her carrier.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday
and Mother's Day for Nana

Then we played at the lake! I loved it!!!
Aunt Cherilyn helped me. As you can see, I've already changed out of my swim suit.
Maybe a little to quick on that Mommy!!
Family Portrait
I LOVE playing in the sand

Even sticking my whole face in it! Daddy was just coming in from the water. He didn't know that Nana had dug a hole for me and I was trying to see what was in it. He thought they had buried my face! Silly Daddy!
My friend, Buddy, dug me a hole and poured lots of water into it. What fun!!
Well, Mom, you said you didn't want me to be too girly...don't think you have to worry about that!

Aunt Andi still loves me even though she says I'm disgusting!

After a bath and a nap, we came back to see the fishies. I tried to jump in with them. Good thing Mommy has a good grip!
Playing back at the cabin
Ready to go to Cozumel this summer!
Saying goodbye to the fish. Maybe I ate some of their bread.
Thank you Nana and Poppie for the great trip!


Thatcher's Mommy said...

Wow Ash- it looks like you had tons of fun! See, girls can wear bows AND get dirty!!!

Andrea said...

Oh, you are something else, Ash!!!

C&C Mama said...

You are so funny!! Love the face-in-sand picture....

Gram said...

I am so glad you had a good time. The Pellerin family had to have fun playing with you!! Tell Mommy "Thanks for finally sharing your pictures" for me. Can't wait to see you-----only 4 more days.