Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A few days in Seguin

Mom and I headed to Seguin for a few days. We left Daddy at home to bring home the bacon. As you will see, we did LOTS of swimming! We had a great time hanging out with the family and having fun in the sun.

Yep, being around my cousins made me a little more brave. This is my first time off the diving board.

Chandler is a great cousin! We played together the whole time! We were playing around with Gram and Grandpa.

Here I go again! I did lots more as as the days went on!

Ok, that's enough for tonight

Back at Gram and Grandpa's helping Grandpa open his Father's Day gift.

We're just plain worn out!

I'm doing better letting my eyes go swimming

Lisa and I had a really long conversation here. She never seems to understand what I am saying, though. She kept asking the same questions over and over and laughing.

Me and my Mommy

Two silly girls. We wore our shoes so we could get out without burning our feet.

Jumping off the side of the pool to Gram

Then trying to steal her sunglasses. I don't actually like to wear them, just play with them and see how far I can bend them.

Kisses for Grandpa from two beautiful little girls

Grandma came down to see us!

Aren't we cute?

Laying around in the hammock with Grandpa

Chandler took me for a ride in her car.

and we played together at dinner

then Gram read me a bedtime story

Saturday morning breakfast on the patio. Isn't it nice?

I LOVE drinking out of Gram's monster size mug. It's too heavy for me to carry, but she found the perfect size table to put it on.

Mommy went skiing

then she let me sit on the swim deck with her

I got to drive the boat for a while! Look out everyone!!!

Chillin' with Gram

Now it's time to head in and get ready to go home. We had a great time, but I was excited to get home and see Daddy. Thank you Gram and Grandpa for letting us stay and playing with us. Thank you Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry for letting us use your house and pool and thanks to Lisa, Billy, Cheney, and Chandler for all the super duper fun!

See you again soon!


C&C Mama said...

Come back soon, Ashtyn!! Chandler misses you!!

MeMe said...

I had great fun with you, too. You can use our pool anytime you want. I wish you were closer so that you could swim more. Maybe I could learn to understand you.
Aunt Pat (MeMe)

Gram said...

Wow! It is quiet around our house without you or Thatcher here! Can vacation come sooner? You and Mommy and Daddy are welcome anytime. We love having you!

Andrea said...

Wow, Ash, it won't be long before you are teaching ME how to do more cool stuff in the water.

Nana said...

You're a regular little mermaid, Ash. Nana