Thursday, June 12, 2008

First week of summer

Boy has this first week of summer been a busy one! I had swim lessons, went to the library for story time, went shopping with some friends, and had my first trip to Hawaiian Falls. Mommy didn't take her camera with us to the library, but she sure wishes she did! I like to stand right in front of the lady telling the stories and sometimes she'd even pick me up and use my fingers in the song. Mommy did take some pictures with her phone, but for now, she doesn't know how to get them onto the computer. Someone help her, please!!!
This is my friend, Emily. We went shopping at Sam Moon together.
Me and Mommy at swim lessons. I didn't like it too much on Monday, but by Wednesday, I was taking my eyes swimming all by myself. That's what they call putting our faces in the water so they don't scare us.
I'm doing better at being on my belly with my feet out behind me. Mommy says I kick like a frog sometimes.
My eyes are coming back up
My swim teacher, Mikki, makes my eyes go a little deeper!
Thank you for helping me this week!!
Mommy telling me how proud she is of me. She is happy with how far I've come in only 3 days.
I don't really like jumping off the side. Sometimes I try to escape! (Mommy is easy to trick...I just tell her I want more and then I run away)
I made a new friend, Charly. We gave each other kisses!
Ok, time to get least that's what we say!


Andrea said...

Good job, Ash! Can't wait for you to come swim in my new pool! Isn't summertime fun?

Nana said...

Ashtyn, I got tired just reading about all your summer fun. I'm so thankful to your mommy for sharing your life with us through this blog.

Tammy said...

Awwww how sweet you look! Looks like you're going great! Pretty soon you'll be swimming like a fish!

MeMe said...

Can't wait to watch you swim. Come visit soon.

Andrea said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!