Monday, June 9, 2008

I can use a spoon!!

Mommy finally decided I am big enough to try to feed myself with a spoon. I was pretty messy, but did a pretty good job getting enough food into my mouth. Yeah, I need more practice, but not too shabby for the first time! (Notice which hand I am using)
Look what I can do!!!
Mmmm Mmmmm Good
Sorry, Mommy! Looks like I am better with my right hand.


Andrea said...

Big girl! I bet you and Mommy are going to have some fun times this summer.

Nana said...

Oh, our baby girl is growing up. Bet you keep Mommy on her toes this summer.

grandmother said...

Good Job!!! My pretty girl !!!

grandmother said...

Good Job, pretty girl!!!

Aunt Kaye said...

You are a true will eat with either hand...just so it makes it to the mouth. You are so cute and are getting so big. Wish you and Khrissy lived closer so you could play with each other.
Aunt Kaye

MeMe said...

Good job, Ashtyn. I wish you were here to go with Thatcher, Chandler and Cheney to VBS. We are having a great time. MeMe

Gram said...

Way to go in the swimming pool! i am so proud of the way you have progressed. Have fun all summer! We missed you at VBS this week.