Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mommy & Daddy's Silly Girl

One of my favorite new things to do is the Hokey Pokey! I keep asking for more! My two favorite parts are the "turn yourself around" and clapping with "that's what it's all about."
This is turning around.

Looks like Daddy has moved on to the left arm. I'm still clapping to "that's what it's all about." (I like BIG claps!!)
Still clapping

Sometimes I get really silly. I got dizzy, so I just put my leg in like this.
Here are a few other of my silly sides.
I like stickers, and I mean as many as I can fit!
Mommy and Daddy asked me to wear a hat all summer in the sun, but I refused. Now I beg to wear my hat! Mama says I'm a drama queen.

I thought I looked cute before school, so I wanted to pose in my jeans and new shoes.
(Has anyone told you how much I LOVE shoes???)
Yep, I don't mind wearing my sunglasses now, either. Pleeeese, can I wear them to church???


Tammy said...

I love the shades and the hat! You are growing so fast and are such a cutie pie!

Nana said...

Your silliness has made my week start off "soooo" good. I love you and your blog.

Andi said...

Oh, kiddo, I LOVE you!!! The sillier, the better, I say. I wonder how many stickers and shoes Nana's going to buy you for Christmas now??

Gram said...

Ash, I am with you on the shoes, but never on the hat. We can go shoe shopping together and you can wear your hat, but I'll leave mine at home. You are such a cutie!

MeMe said...

If you can sing, clap and turn around all at the same time, you have more rhythm than your Mom.

Grandpa said...

Will you do the hokey-pokey with me? Just don't do it with Thatch. I hear he's pretty dangerous. I can't wait to see you. I love you very, very much!

E said...

Awwww, I thought of the song "Butterfly Kisses" when I saw you dancing with your daddy. =0)

You're such a sweety!

Grandma said...

I like your hat. Can I wear it sometime? Looks like your hair has taken a spurt growing. You are a cutie pie.