Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Weather Day

We've had some really nice days here and there this winter. This is what I like to do on those days...
Mommy and Daddy got new bikes. I'm going to get to ride with them sometimes, so I got a new hat. I can hit myself on top of the head and it doesn't even hurt!!
My friends play on our street love to play with me. We played with my new basketball goal.

These are my friends, Remington and Catherine. Harper got a new car for Christmas. I had fun driving it in circles. I did run into the curb a couple of times.

Harper doesn't like to push the gas pedal, so I pushed her around.


Grandpa said...

Wow, I like your new hat. Will it be your Easter bonnet, too? I hope you never have to use it for real! Tell mommy and daddy to be very careful when pumping you around on their bicycles.

MeMe said...

It is so cool to have neighborhood friends. Have fun.