Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess who stopped by????

That's right...Gram, Grandma, and Aunt Pat stopped in Fort Worth to see us on their way back to Seguin. It was short, but great to see all of them. Looks like we may have saved them from the horrible virus their families had back home!!!

Gram and her favorite Grandkids. Looks like we both love tortillas!
Showing Thatch some love
Thatcher, Grandma, me, and Grandmother
Kisses for Grandma!
Gotta have some ice cream before we go...mmmmmm.

Thank you for stopping to see us. I love you all!!!


E said...

That picture with BOTH great-grandmas is Priceless!!! Treasure it. =0)

C and C Mommy said...

I wish we could have seen you too!!

Check out my were tagged.


MeMe said...

It was a bonus for our trip--getting to eat with you and Thatcher. Thanks for coming out on a cold day.

Grandpa said...

I'm tooooo jealous!

Gram said...

Thanks for meeting me on such a short notice. I was glad to sneak a peek of you.

Grandma said...

Oh!Oh!. It was so good to see you for just a short time, but better than not seeing you at all and I am so glad that you are a big girl now. Come see me.