Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank you AA and Grandpa for some pictures from my Birthday Party!!

Daddy started us all off with grilled burgers and dogs. Us kids all sat around my brand new picnic table that Gram and Grandpa brought me. I'm so glad my friend, Kara, from school came.

Later, we ate the delicious cake that Gram decorated with Dora's face for me. Thank you Gram!

Time for presents!!! I had so many that Daddy got frustrated with how long it was taking me, so he started helping.

I liked to take time to admire all my super cool gifts!

Thatcher mostly liked to play with the neighbors' puppies.

This is my big gift from Mommy and Daddy. It's my "park"! I love to play on it and so did everyone else at my party.

I got the coolest kitchen ever from Nana and Poppie! Everyone LOVED playing with it. My favorite thing to cook is french fries.

Thatcher likes to cook, too...or maybe he just likes to eat!


Nana said...

Ash Bear, we had so much fun watching you have fun. Love you, Nana

Andi said...

Looks like you had a great time. So sad I missed it!

MeMe said...

Birthdays and parties--a great combination.