Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nana & Poppie's

Nana surrounded by grandkids

Silly Daddy!

Ashtyn and MaKenna had fun playing together

What a good big sister...pushing her brother
This is the best I could get of all of them together!  Quite a challenge
The 3 little ones
The big girls having popsicles
Nana playing babies with the girls

Drew and his poppie
Nana just loves that Ashtyn plays tea party.  She drank a LOT of coffee and tea over the weekend!
Thanks for having us!  We can't wait to see you again!
Love you all!!!


Grandma said...

Such good pictures. Looks like Nana and Pop's had a good time.

MeMe said...

Looks like you had a great time with cousins.

Nana said...

We were SO excited to have ya'll. Poppie is even talking about going to see ya'll.